CFD Trading – The Main Advantage of Using a Direct Market Access CFD Broker

Selecting the right CFD broker for your day trading needs doesn’t have to be rocket science but you will have to pay attention to a couple of key points to keep you on the right side of the ledger. Today we’re going to have a look at the main advantage of using a Direct Market Access CFD Broker. Many day traders refer to this type of set up as a DMA CFD broker.

Pure Transparency into the market

By far the greatest advantage of using a Direct Market Access CFD Provider as opposed to a Market Maker type broker is the transparency of pricing into the market. You know with a DMA broker that you are going to be able to see 100% of the market action all of the time. Everything in the market depth is 100% clear and always available. This means you get to deal straight into the market with no middle man.

You will get a huge benefit from being able to view every single order that is sitting on the market depth window down unlimited levels. Of course the most important action is within 4-6 price steps and a full DMA Broker will allow you to see each of the individual buy and sell orders. By being able to see each of the buy and sell orders in the market, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions by reading the depth more accurately. Alternatively, when you trade with a Market Maker CFD broker you can’t always see the exact market depth as they are able to make the market up as they see fit.

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11 Online Fitness Marketing Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Time!

1. Invest the proper amount of time in a survey to your market audience to find out EXACTLY what clients want.

2. It would greatly help to collect a massive stockpile of before and after pictures and testimonials from satisfied customers. Consider this one of the most helpful fitness marketing tips.

3. Get a sale page/direct response style website and video… Make sure it includes a compelling headline, a solid number of before and after and a very powerful call to action. Be sure to continue to add the before and after pictures you acquire to your home page

4. Always takes steps to be sure that any ads on Craigslist 5-7 days a week will display a great variety of social proof in various categories

5. Your site must absolutely be listed on the following directories:

Yahoo Directory
Joe Ant
6. Employ a great many optimized pages that have been specifically created for the site that includes pretty much anything and everything you offer that people would search for. In other words, you want the site to be comprehensive. This means you need to include keywords in titles and tags and throughout the page in a completely natural manner. Afterward, it becomes necessary to procure a great many links connected to all the pages using the proper keyword term for the phrase as the anchor text. You then add the optimized pages to the site and further link them from the sitemap placed on the homepage footer.

7. Create a link employing your anchor text to your properly optimized pages from articles written and published on:

Here is another of the most important of fitness marketing tips: Add links to health and fitness sites and blogs that offer unique high quality articles and guest post on. After they publish the first, start to add more to more of these sites over time. This will aid your promotional venture immensely.

This process is designed more for link juice and page reputation and to promote your rank in Google than it is to procure direct traffic from such sites.


8. Get on the ball with Google AdWords

Set up an optimized landing page or you could also have a web designer do it.

Set up the ads employing keywords in the ad in order to yield a good old-fashioned direct response.

Turn on position preferences for the positions 1 to 3.

Add a great many negative keywords to the mix.

Turn off the content network immediately

Monitor and improve the pages.

9. Be sure to be listed in Google Local and acquire positive reviews.

Use an address that is very close to the center of the city.

10. Roll out Facebook Ads campaigns for increased awareness.

Target the demographic and location you see to the proper level.

Again, you will employ classic and old-fashioned direct responses along with compelling images.

Send visitors to a landing page that is known to properly convert visitors to customers.

11. Get a solid and well-written blog up and running.

In a nutshell, these fitness marketing tips are the means in which to succeed. These steps are the top 11 things I would do in order to get a ton of clients from an internet source.

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Online Marketing Growing

Did you know online marketing grew 33% from 2006 to 2007? As major companies and even smaller businesses have been directing their efforts to a better online presence, money has been taken from other marketing media and directed to online ads. In 2007 alone, $1 Billion was taken away from TV and Newspaper advertising and put online by the Top 100 Businesses which make up 41% of all advertising according to Erick Schonfeld in his article posted on

While online marketing is growing stronger than ever and will most likely continue having the highest rate of increase over other forms of media, it still represents only a small portion of the dollars spent on advertising. Meaning, while it is becoming increasingly important to gain a solid online presence, there are still other highly effective forms of media still being used by advertisers and consumers alike. Here’s how Advertising Age broke down the ad spending in the U.S. for 2007:

- $30.33B Magazine – 20.4 %
- $28.22B Newspaper – 18.9 %
- $25.42B Network TV – 17.1 %
- $18.02B Cable TV Networks – 12.1%
- $16.82B Spot TV – 11.3%
- $11.31B Internet – 7.6%
- $10.69B Radio – 7.2%
- $4.17B Syndicated TV – 2.8%
- $4.02B Outdoor – 2.7%

There are still several mediums being used by the consumer that influence their purchase decisions. Aside from Outdoor advertising, each of these media outlets are also establishing their own web presence by having articles published online or TV shows and movies played online. These are also contributing to and encouraging the growth in online marketing as a significant form of advertising.

Being online is viewed by many small businesses as being a trend or big city, but from New York City to Idaho Falls, ID, marketing online is becoming more and more of the norm and a necessity in doing good business. In order to produce a successful online marketing campaign, the following are essential:

Good Media Mix
Directing consumers to your website. Even the customers you’ve already established need to know you have a website. Encourage people through your radio, TV, outdoor, etc. ads and customer letters or thank you/holiday cards to go to your website. A website is today, what a phone book was yesterday. Only you are not limited to what you put on your website as you are in a printed ad in the phone book.

Calls to Action

The website can’t just be built for the sake of having a website. There needs to be a clear purpose in your website with calls to action to drive the customer a certain direction to result in a call or a purchase. Having

Compelling Design
If your website isn’t attractive in look and in navigation friendliness, you will create an unnecessary expense for yourself in the development of a website. Demming said of quality control in manufacturing that there is not cost in quality and that cost is real when quality is ignored. Of course, you will be spending more money to get a website to look good, however, Demming’s point was that a certain level of quality will always require a certain level of investment by everyone. Oddly enough, with web design, sometimes the worst designs can be the most expensive. High quality videos, Flash interaction, photos and – above all – rich content will all make your website effective in bringing customers to you.

Search Engine Optimization
A utility phone book, doesn’t list cell phone numbers unless it is requested by the owner of the cell phone. Similarly, Google and other search engines don’t recognize websites unless certain measures are taken to make a website known to them.

Having a website with these elements all take time and planning. It also takes time for a website to rank well on the search engines, so the earlier you begin your online presence, the better. As you are considering your marketing plans for 2010 and beyond, remember: While traditions are important and good, marketing will only continue to be profitable for your business if you stick with what is effective and not just keep doing what you’ve traditionally done. Your business will grow best with the forms of media that are growing and are most effective. Right now, internet is the medium to watch.

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3 Direct Marketing Strategies For Building a Targeted Opt-In Email List

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why email marketers fail in business is because they don’t use a targeted opt-in mailing list. If you’re not using direct response marketing in your email marketing business, you’ll be spinning your wheels. Even if your prospects haven’t marked your emails as spam, your emails will most likely be left unread.

In this article, I’ll go over these 3 strategies to increase the responsiveness of your list:

Build or use a targeted email list
Get your prospects permission
Utilize action-provoking subject lines
Build or Use a Targeted Email List

This doesn’t mean buy a whole list of emails from a list broker and dump them into your email blasting software. What you’ll want to do is focus on a specific audience and deliver the right message to them. In order to do that, you’ll have to do some research to determine who is your actual target market. Once you do, you can build a highly targeted email list.

Get Your Prospects Permission

What you’ll want to do is get your prospects permission. You can easily do this by having them complete a lead capture form. This is the ‘opt-in’ process of email marketing.

There are many programs out there that grab emails from various social media and classified ad networks for marketing purposes. These people didn’t grant you permission. Even if you have something good to say to this audience of stolen email addresses, this method is spammy and something that you should avoid if your intention is to create a legitimate business.

Utilize Action-Provoking Subject Lines

Have you ever though about adding sizzle to your emails? When you do, you’ll be able to get more of your emails opened up. What sounds more compelling as a subject line:

Targeted Opt-In Email List Direct Marketing, or
3 tips for getting 100 leads in 24 hours
I’m sure that you would agree that the latter is more compelling. It’s not just about hyping up your subject line, it’s also about delivering the goods. Can you actually delivery what you promised? If you can, you’ll skip the misleading hype and build trust with your subscribers.

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Email Marketing – How and Why You Should Be Using it

As the name suggests, email marketing is a form of marketing done through emails. It is a kind of direct marketing wherein instead of sending actual letters, emails are sent. Email marketing can be of three broad categories.

1. Mails sent for soliciting new customers, or to retain existing customers
2. Mails sent to maintain existing customer relationship and loyalty.
3. Using others’ emails for placing advertisements and sending promotional materials.

Email marketing is also among the most popular forms of marketing. The reasons for this are not too difficult to find. It is a very cheap method of communication for reaching out to tens of thousands of existing and potential customers, as compared to other forms of direct marketing. Unlike websites, where you are dependent on a customer finding you from thousands of other websites, here you directly contact potential and existing customers. When done correctly, email marketing is also among the most effective methods of marketing.

One of the reasons why many online businesses hold email marketing in high regard is due to the high rate of conversions. One of the reasons for this is that it allows targeting of high potential customers. Many email marketing campaigns are conducted based on reliable data derived from previous experience and surveys. Many campaigns are aimed at direct sales, with the sign up form enclosed, which makes it a complete sales tool. Email marketing is also a vehicle for building relationships, trust and loyalty.

It is pertinent to examine the basics of email marketing. The first step is in building a list of potential and existing customers to whom the emails can be sent to. Afterward, a well crafted mail has to be composed, depending on the purpose for which it is intended. Finally, it has to be ensured that the intended recipients do actually receive the emails. Here it is important to note that emails when used as a marketing tool should only be sent after getting permission from the intended recipient, failing which they may end up as spam.

There are different methods of creating email lists. They include renting, buying and creating your own lists. The best forms of lists are the ones which are created on your own, with the permission of the intended recipients. Though renting and buying lists may seem the easy option out, they come with a variety of problems. Payment has to be made each time a rented list is made use of, and you do not get access to the list. On the other hand, a bought list may be a copy which has been sold many times over, and your sending more mails to them would only result in them being treated as spam or worse. These have to be treated with a great deal of caution.

As mentioned earlier, emails can be of different forms, the main ones being email promotions and email newsletters. Many problems are caused when the distinction between the two is not understood. Email promotions refer to mails calling for immediate action such as a purchase, sign up, download or registration. On the other hand, email newsletters aim at building long term relationships. If customers sign up for newsletters and instead receive promotions, there is no need to look further for the reason for the negative results of the campaign.

When an email marketing campaign is crafted with specific regard to the purpose of the campaign, as well as to the interests of the intended recipient, the outcome is often outstanding results. With the many advantages it has got, this modern form of marketing deserves consideration by all internet marketers.

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Network Marketing Systems Debunked

Every 2nd “guru” these days seems to be promoting some kind of great, new, turnkey, unbeatable, frustration free, downline builder system that supposedly will catapult your network marketing business into the next galaxy.

You’ve seen the ads online, “98 leads in one day”, $50,000/month, some kid standing next to a yellow Ferrari in front of a huge mansion. If you were to believe these guys it would be as simple as sending them your money, making a few YouTube videos and the money would come rolling in.

Network Marketing Systems in itself are not a bad thing. In fact you should, have some kind of system that you use to work your MLM business. What’s the problem then with the systems these guys advertise?

Well typically two things. They are usually not Proven (how long have they been around and has anyone actually build an organization using them?) and, even if the creator of the system is successful himself with his system, has anyone besides him, been able to duplicate his success. Those are key points to find out before you invest any of your money. Is the system Proven? Has it been successfully duplicated by someone other than the inventor of the network marketing system?

If your answer is “yes” to these two questions, the next thing you need to figure out is…. Is the system going to attract people that would be interested in your network marketing business? Not going to help you a lot, getting 98 leads per day but all these people think Network marketing is synonymous with Pyramid scam.

So, the system needs to be proven, be duplicatable and target people that would be interested in the business opportunity that you represent, in this case network marketing.

Finally, why are these guys selling their systems anyway? If the systems were really that good, wouldn’t they be better off spending their time building their primary business. If the systems really generate all these leads, who is following up with the leads while they are marketing their systems?

I’ve heard the argument that the system automates everything, that is- presents the opportunity and signs the new person up without you having to do a thing excepts cash your check from the company. I don’t quite buy that, even if the system does do everything on autopilot, you are going to have more people quitting your business than any system can sign up. People still need human interaction. Someone that depends solely on autopilot will have an attrition rate that is through the roof.

So, you may be making money of initial orders every month but you are not really building an organization that you hopefully one day can retire from, because most of the people your system signed up for you is going to be gone the second month. May as well be in direct sales, why bother with network marketing. Which is what most of these guys are, they are direct marketers, that is they are looking for the one sale, so they can move on to the next one. Nothing wrong with that but that is not network marketing. That is direct sales.

So don’t expect to be successful building a network marketing company using a system that was designed by a guy with a direct sales mentality.

If you are a sales type, great. I’m not, I don’t like to sell and I don’t like to be sold. The following fact may be news to some. Only 15% of the population have the sales person personality, and half of them, don’t like to be sold.

So my idea of a good network marketing system would be a system that is duplicatable, proven, targets people that are interested in Network marketing and does it in a way that appeals to the 92% of the population that does not like to be sold.

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Postcard Marketing – 5 Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Mind-Blowingly Creative

Postcard marketing generally falls into one of three groups of creativity: mundane, straightforward, or mind-blowingly original.

When planning your own postcard marketing campaign, 90% of the time it should be very straightfoward: offer up front, some quick details, and a call-to-action that says how to respond. Having too much information or diversions from the offer will only distract your audience.

Your direct mail postcards should never be mundane. Even highly technical B2B promotions messages should be written clearly and conversationally. Mundane will get you nowhere except the trash bin.

As for the final category – ultra-creative – done well, it can be extremely powerful. But you have to know how to do it, and when. Here are some simple tips to make your postcards mind-blowingly original without losing the effectiveness of the primary message.

1) Start with the headline. Is there a way to say the same thing you’re already saying but in a more creative, punchy style? Think outside the box. Get crazy. Are you “selling office supplies” or “Dumping out the CEO’s desk?” Are you having a “sales event” or a “Superhero’s Return to Earth Discount Clearance?” These are just silly examples, but you get the picture. Get a little wild with your headline — just enough to make your audience say, “Huh?” before the more important “Ohh, cool!”

2) Get creative with your design. This one’s best left up to the professionals. Putting a gorilla in a bikini on your postcard isn’t a great way to think outside the box in terms of design. But there are original ways to design a can’t-miss postcard while reinforcing the message itself.

3) Tell a story. Turn your promotional postcards into a compelling tale! Use a customer testimonial (or your own) to “frame” the message of your postcard. People love stories. As long as they don’t mask the primary goal of your postcard, these stories will hook the reader in and pique their interest to respond.

4) Leave some curiosity. Promotional postcards don’t always have to explain everything, especially if you’re directing prospects to a website that will have more information. Arouse their curiosity by asking a compelling question. Then, just put the call-to-action. Chances are you’ll get higher overall initial response than you would if you spelled everything out.

5) Make it stand out from all other mail. One last thing to consider for creative postcard marketing is the shape or style of the postcard itself. Consider using die-cut designs, which can be shaped almost any you wish. Or, try attaching something to the postcards, such as a detachable magnet. Direct mail has come a long way over the years, and there are tons of creative things you can do to make an impact with your audience.

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Direct Mail – 7 Essential Elements of an Insanely Profitable Campaign

More and more people are returning to Direct Mail to boost sales and profits. Now unlike big corporations who can afford to throw marketing dollars in to a black hole the small and medium sized business needs to ensure every dollar has a great return on capital.

If you follow these essential seven steps you will have a profitable campaign.

1) Targeted Customers

The more targeted your customers the more successful your campaign will be. Don’t fall in to the trap of buying any old data, you want real targeted prospects. Think about who your ideal prospect is, write it down and brainstorm what their characteristics are, where do they live, what type of home, what type of car do they drive, are they married, do they have children and so on. The more you profile your customer the better you will be able to target them.

Then find data that matches your requirements. Only ever try a small sample of data no matter what discounts they offer. If the data is good the provider will be happy for you to try a small sample.

2) It’s a Numbers Game

This is not an element of the campaign, more of a mindset. You must realize that any Direct Mail campaign is about a small percentage response. Unless you have a preexisting relationship with the client don’t expect a big response. Bearing this in mind you should scale up your campaign so that you are reaching as many targeted customers as possible.

3) The Compelling Offer

This may seem obvious but it is a step many people overlook. Make your offer as compelling as possible. Spend time thinking about what prospective customers would want and more importantly what would make them act. Try to come up with three or four compelling offers that you can test.

If possible make the offer time sensitive, you want people to act now. If you can’t do something that compels them to act now make sure the offer is something they will want to keep until they need your service. This could be a discount coupon as part of the offer or something similar.

4) Sales Copy that Sells

The biggest mistake people make with Direct Mail is to send out a beautifully designed mailing piece that informs their prospect rather than sells to them. I get countless direct mail pieces sent to me telling me about a new store or service. What they forget to do is to sell to me, tell me why I should go to that store, why I would love that product or how I would be wealthier if I used it.

Use a compelling headline and back it up with a sub headline. Use testimonials were possible, they sell! Make your mailing piece stand out, think about using post it notes on the mailer itself and if possible always have the envelope hand written (or so that it looks hand written).

5) A Call to Action

Tell the prospect what you want them to do. If you want them to order today tell them that several times through the mailing piece and inform them why they should do it now. You can offer bonuses if they reply to your offer within a set time frame. It is amazing how many times this vital element is missed.

6) Multiple Lead Capture Formats

If possible give your prospects multiple ways of performing the action you require. If you are asking them to buy a product try to give them several options to buy, via the Internet, telephone or in person.

Ensure that your buying channels work and are available when your customers need it. Don’t have a telephone number that is only available for limited hours.

7) Testing for Perfection

Everything you do should be tested and tracked. You need to identify what lists give what response, what postal days give the optimum result and which mailing is the most effective.

Your results will get better with each campaign if you keep testing and tweaking your results. I have seen campaigns go from losing money to being massively profitable because of testing.

If you follow these steps you will give yourself the best opportunity to help your customers and increase your bottom line.

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Recession Proof Network Marketing – Top Tier Vs MLM

Throughout our series, we have addressed the various options network marketers have to become successful business owners. It has become obvious that all opportunities are not created equal. Although the Internet has enabled the creation of many home-based businesses, it has caused the demise of the MLM as we know it. However, it has also been responsible for recession proof network marketing techniques. What started out as “Plan B” for many has turned into the opportunity of their dreams. If you have recently found yourself between jobs, consider this your chance to become your own boss and attain the financial freedom you have always wanted.

What began as a business has now become a profession for millions of people who want an alternative way to save for retirement and put their children through college. The Internet has increased communication and business owners have the ability to reach beyond their immediate area to people across the country and around the world. There are important steps you can take to become a successful part of a recession proof network marketing organization. First, do some research to find an organization that sells a product that you believe in and that has a strong foundation in supporting its distributors?

Top tier direct sellers focus on the product. Although it may cost more to become involved with them, they provide the training and support you need to be successful. The products are high quality and cater to a market that is willing to spend for them. Unlike MLM’s where the focus is on building a down line for residual income, you focus on learning the product and marketing to a target audience. Training is the key to recession proof network marketing. The proper tools will help you earn commissions far beyond what most MLM’s offer. Utilizing viral marketing techniques can effectively build your personal brand recognition, bringing qualified leads to you.

To take full advantage of recession proof network marketing, the top tier direct sales are structured so that you get paid today (GPT) rather than waiting for checks at the end of the month or the quarter. Funded proposals provide the opportunity to keep constant revenue coming in while building to the main products. Creating a successful business is not impossible, even in the most challenging economic climate. Network marketing enables you to learn new skills and embrace technology to take control of your future. Each facet of is designed to help you increase financial stability while attracting like-minded people to build partnerships.

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Taking a Look at an Email Marketing Agency

There are a number of different things for you to consider whenever you are hiring an email marketing agency. Regardless of whether you’re going with a full service agency or one of the temporary solutions that is available on the Internet, it is a direct marketing tool that really should not be overlooked. As a matter of fact, it is one of the quickest ways for you to be successful on the Internet or even to pick up the pace of your off-line business when it is done properly. Of course, the first step comes in deciding what type of email marketing agency you’re going to use.

One of the most popular type of agencies that is available is one that is going to be full service. Not only will they help you to collect the email addresses that you need which are going to be targeted to whatever it is that you are offering, they are going to help you through every step of the process going forward. For example, many of us may not be familiar with how to send out an email that is really going to get the response that it needs. By constructing the email properly, and allowing the email marketing agency to help you with the writing of your ad copy, you would be surprised with how well you can do.

The reason why this is the case, is because email is really just another form of direct marketing tool. Before the Internet came along, it was necessary for you to find targeted lists and then to send out a mass mailing. The same basic principle applies to an email marketing campaign, but it is all done electronically. The basics of how to do it, however, such as writing good copy and making sure that it is getting into the hands of those who are interested in what you have to offer remain the same.

If you consider yourself to be technically inclined, you might also be interested in looking at one of the solutions that are available online which allow you to have more of a hands-on experience. These come in the form of autoresponder services that also give you the opportunity to send a broadcast message to the email addresses in your account. By collecting, or perhaps importing these e-mails you will be able to build the list over the course of time that will really assist you in building your online or off-line business.

Regardless of what type of email marketing agency you decide to use, make sure that you get the full service out of them that they are intended to give you. This is a direct marketing tool that should not be ignored and it is one that can really push your business to the next level very quickly. Of all of the different solutions for advertising your business on the Internet that are available, sending out an email campaign is one of the easiest to do, along with being one of the most effective. Give it a try for yourself, just make sure that you look at the options which are available before jumping in with both feet.

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