How to make a great Pina Colada

Pineapple Pina Coladas are a delicious cocktail that can be enjoyed around the world.

Pina Coladas are a traditional cocktail that originated in Puerto Rico. The Pina Colada got its name from the Spanish word for “strained pineapple” and was first served at La Barrachina Restaurant in 1954, which is still open to this day. All coladas contain rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk or cream. Some versions add sugar while others use sweetened condensed milk instead of regular milk. People can also vary the amount of each ingredient depending on their personal taste preferences.

The pina colada tastes like crushed ice with subtle hints of earthy flavors such as vanilla and cinnamon mixed into it. There may be overtones of tropical fruit flavors too, especially if you choose to include fresh fruits like pineapple or passionfruit or anything similar to it. The pineapple Pina Colada is the most popular flavor though.

The base for all pina coladas is fresh pressed pineapple juice that comes straight from pineapples themselves or syrup if you are making a frozen version. Both flavors should be light but noticeable enough to bring out the subtlety of other ingredients without overwhelming them with too much acidity. Fresh fruit will always yield more flavor than canned though so make sure your recipe calls for fresh if possible.

Making a great pina colada is easy, simply mix one part coconut cream with two parts pineapple juice in a blender. Once all ingredients are combined turn the blender on high and let it go for about thirty seconds or until you see small bubbles forming around the edges of your mix. A pina colada is made using the alcohol of your choice, usually rum. Add ice to taste (usually at least three cubes but no more than five) then blend again for another twenty seconds leaving just enough time to pour into glasses before turning off the machine. It’s that easy!

These days you can even find Pina Colada liqueur which makes it far easier to get that delicious Pina Colada while at home.

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CFD Trading – The Main Advantage of Using a Direct Market Access CFD Broker

Selecting the right CFD broker for your day trading needs doesn’t have to be rocket science but you will have to pay attention to a couple of key points to keep you on the right side of the ledger. Today we’re going to have a look at the main advantage of using a Direct Market Access CFD Broker. Many day traders refer to this type of set up as a DMA CFD broker.

Pure Transparency into the market

By far the greatest advantage of using a Direct Market Access CFD Provider as opposed to a Market Maker type broker is the transparency of pricing into the market. You know with a DMA broker that you are going to be able to see 100% of the market action all of the time. Everything in the market depth is 100% clear and always available. This means you get to deal straight into the market with no middle man.

You will get a huge benefit from being able to view every single order that is sitting on the market depth window down unlimited levels. Of course the most important action is within 4-6 price steps and a full DMA Broker will allow you to see each of the individual buy and sell orders. By being able to see each of the buy and sell orders in the market, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions by reading the depth more accurately. Alternatively, when you trade with a Market Maker CFD broker you can’t always see the exact market depth as they are able to make the market up as they see fit.